Page 1: 2BU Productions: Tobias & Syd audio play 2022 Consent Form: Photographs / Video / Image

We need your permission before we take and use any photographs or video of you for use by 2BU Productions for the Tobias & Syd audio podcast project http://


Purpose and Use Of Images

Your image/footage/audio may be used in a non-commercial way by 2BU Productions, associated partners and other third parties as:-

  • Creative output for the purpose of the project in all press & marketing materials for 2BU Productions and associated partners, including online visual and audio content covering social media, 2BU Productions & partner websites, press releases, streaming service 
  • Promotional material in printed or electronic form including: press, social media, websites, streaming, leaflets, posters and programmes
  • Project documentation/funders evaluation purposes in printed or electronic form

Informed Consent Form

1.1. I consent to 2BU Productions and associated partners/third parties using photographs/video/audio of me both internally and externally as creative output in a non-commercial way to promote the Tobias & Syd project and participating organisations.
2.2. I understand that these images/audio could be used in print and digital media formats
3.3. I have read and understand the conditions and consent to my images/audio being used as described